Gowar School Ruins in Gower, Australia

Gowar School Ruins

Not far from the local town of Maldon sits the ruins of Gowar School, an eery site that has been left abandoned since 1908. It is quite remarkable that over 100 years later, the stone foundations of the school are still in reasonable condition and can be seen hidden among the eucalyptus trees. 

The remains of the school pay homage to the small town. Local historic records show that Gowar (originally spelled this way and later changed to Gower) developed into a small community with a population of around 100 people with two hotels and this small school.

This all occurred at the height of the gold rush, when mining brought development and wealth to the local towns of Maldon, Daylesford, and Castlemaine. The Gowar School was built in the early 1870s but unfortunately, the demand for education in the area decreased and the decision was made to close the school at the beginning of the 20th-century. 

The remains of the building have been reinforced with steel beams for restoration purposes. 

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