QDOS Arts in Lorne, Australia


A a short distance inland from the popular seaside town of Lorne lies this intriguing and aesthetically pleasing art and design center. Sat in the middle of a classic Australian bush setting, this gallery and sculpture garden was set up and developed by artist Graeme Wilkie in 1988. The design of the three-acre site takes influence from Japanese aesthetic, and it is an example of living art. where both art and nature come side by side to develop the unique tranquil setting.

QDOS lies within the Great Otway National Park. Visitors can walk around the grounds of towering eucalyptus trees and enjoy the sights and sounds of birds such as kookaburras, rosellas, and king parrots, which can be spotted by the eagle-eyed visitors. There is also a blend of sculptural work with unusual pieces of art to be seen on these grounds, around the small pond of water. 

The site at QDOS Arts initially began as a studio but now has also led to the opening of a gallery, a cafe, the sculpture park, and the unusual Japanese-inspired treehouses that can be hired out by those wanting to spend a night under the trees in this special setting.

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