BROS Trailer

Two guys try to figure out their relationship in Bros, the latest from co-writer/director Nicholas Stoller.

In the film, a successful podcaster is approached to make a gay rom-com that’s accessible to everyone, but the man hasn’t figured out how to be in a healthy relationship in the first place. He’s currently falling for a much more ripped kind of gym gay, and their disparate interests, including how this puts them in different subsets of the gay community, puts a wedge in their relationship. What they do share is an inability to be in long-term relationships, which just might be the thing that brings them together forever.

BROS Trailer
source: Universal Pictures

The film is a dream for co-writer and star Billy Eichner, who has built a strong career in comedy but has been held back by the film world’s pervasive homophobia. Things have slowly shifted, though, so there’s room for this movie to be an impressive and depressing list of firsts. It’s the first gay romantic comedy released by a major Hollywood studio, the first film from a major studio to have an all-LGBTQ cast, and Eichner himself is the first openly gay man to co-write and star in a film for a major studio. See, historic and depressing.

Co-starring with him is Luke Macfarlane, Monica Raymund, and Guillermo Díaz. Steering the whole thing is Stoller (Neighbors, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), who is very familiar with studio comedies.

Bros is directed by Nicholas Stoller and stars Billy Eichner, Luke Macfarlane, and Monica Raymund. It will be released in the US on September 30th. For international release dates, click here.

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