Army Transportation Museum Foundation in Newport News, Virginia

CH-54A (H54A) Tarhe "Sky Crane."

Established in 1959 and funded completely by private contributions, this six-acre museum chronicles the history of the US Army Transportation Corps from the American Revolution through today. It features almost 100 vehicles, including horse-drawn wagons, armored vehicles, landing craft, hovercraft, trucks, trains, jeeps, and helicopters to name a few. The total collection is just under 7,000 unique objects.

The museum is made up of a main 50,000 square-foot building with exhibits in chronological order, and four separate outdoor parks representing aircraft, amphibious vehicles, trains, and land vehicles.

Some of the more unique exhibits include the Liberty Truck, a World War I-era vehicle that pioneered standardized parts and service at a time when automotive technology was in its infancy. The collection also includes a Vietnam-era gun truck nicknamed Eve of Destruction.

Some of the exhibits include letters and reminiscences from the people that used the vehicles and often depended on them for their lives and safety.

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