Hartford Isle of Safety in Hartford, Connecticut

The outline marking the site where the Isle of Safety once stood.

During the early 1900s, trolley cars were an important mode of transportation in Hartford, with the State Street area next to the Old State House being a major service hub.

The high level of traffic was a danger to waiting passengers, so in 1913, a covered platform was constructed in the middle of the street for people to stand safely while they waited for their trolley to arrive. The Isle of Safety soon became an iconic landmark for downtown Hartford. In later years, the platform was used by passengers waiting for buses

In the 1970s, the city restructured its streets and transformed the area into a business plaza, and bus routes were moved so that the Isle of Safety became obsolete. The much-beloved structure was relocated a few times before finally finding a home at the Connecticut Trolley Museum in Windsor. The site where it once stood next to the Old State House is now marked by a cement outline.

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