Muzej Mamurluka (Museum of Hangovers) in Zagreb, Croatia

Museum of Hangovers from outside

Just outside the city center of Zagreb you can find Muzej Mamurluka, or the Museum of Hangovers Inside this small museum are about 50 drinking or hangover-related stories and exhibits which connect to each story. The stories range from funny to educational; some stories even help audiences reflect on their own drunk/hangover stories. 

Muzej Mamurluka opened on December 1, 2019, as a small exhibition of items and stories that people left behind. Since then, it has grown into a modestly-sized museum. The reason for the museum’s existence is to provide an educational message for young people saying, “they did it so you don’t have to.”

You can play drunk darts while wearing drunk goggles and or experience driving drunk in the drunk car simulator. You can also grab a drink while walking through the museum! There are pictures, videos, visitors’ stories, and a board where people can share their own drunk stories and read the stories of others.

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