Cors Dyfi in Wales, England

Cors Dyfi

Founded in 2009, Cors Dyfi is home to a highly successful Osprey project which has seen ospreys breeding every year since 2011. These magnificent sea eagles typically arrive at the reserve in April, chicks hatch by the end of May and depart after fledging in September.

Ospreys mate for life and for many years the legendary male Monty and his consort Glesni were the King and queen of the Dovey estuary frequented the island. A current pair, Idris and Telyn, took over the nest and have bred successfully ever since. The nest is on a platform easily viewable from the large viewing center, which has a range of binoculars set up. 

The Centre is also home to many other types of wildlife, including cuckoos in the summer, lizards, frogs, and more recently, beavers. 

A new visitor’s center provides a range of wildlife resources including the fascinating story of the reintroduction of Ospreys to Wales and England, as well as a cafe.

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