DeSellum Family Cemetery in Gaithersburg, Maryland

DeSellum Family Cemetery

Visitors to Bohrer Park in the suburban town of Gaithersburg, Maryland might never know to look for this small family cemetery, which sits behind a recreation center. 

Originally settled in 1769 as Logtown by Baltus Fulks —one of the earliest settlers of what is now modern-day Gaithersburg—the land provided lodging for Confederate troops during the American Civil War.

Fulks’ descendants, Catherine and her husband James DeSellum, expanded the original property and passed it on to their children, John and Sarah Ann DeSellum, who became philanthropists in the community and were known for their agricultural innovations. These four members of the DeSellum Family are buried here in this small, fenced-in cemetery with a plaque on the gate that extols the virtues of each member of the family. 

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