A pair bond over an unusual passion in Fire of Love, the latest from director Sara Dosa.

Katia and Maurice were legendary volcanologists. They believed in getting up close and personal with these eruptions from the depths of the Earth to better understand them, their great fascination stemming from the very danger they put themselves in. They know that volcanos kill people, and they know that a better understanding of them can prevent the loss of life. They also love each other, so together they lived and worked in some of the most dangerous places on Earth until their luck ran out.

source: Neon and National Geographic Documentary Films

While they gathered a lot of important research they also meticulously documented their lives, leaving behind reams of footage for Dosa and her team to mold into something much richer than scientific reporting. Don’t worry, this documentary offers plenty of stunning footage of volcanoes, but like Free Solo and other recent documentary hits, it’s as much about the people who throw themselves into such dangerous scenarios as the scenarios themselves.

What Dosa’s team put together is a love story with, if Miranda July’s unmistakable voice is any indication, a dip into the existential through their devotion to each other and volcanoes.

The film racked up awards during its festival run, and with a team-up of National Geographic and Neon distributing, this looks like the next documentary hit.

Fire of Love is directed by Sara Dosa. It will be released in the US theatrically on July 6th. For international release dates, click here.

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