A father crams in some last-minute bonding with his daughter in Don’t Make Me Go, the latest from director Hannah Marks.

It’s not that Max and Wally weren’t close. They were just busy, with Wally going through some natural teenage distancing and Max trying to hold things down as a single father. Then Max gets an alarming diagnosis, one that could mean his time is running out, and in a panic, he conceives of a bonding exercise every teenager gets excited for: a road trip. He isn’t honest about the reason behind the excursion, which only makes his urgent attempts at connecting even more awkward for Wally.

source: Amazon Studios

It’s a good old father/daughter road trip movie, one that’s sure to milk some tears and will hopefully delve deep into the often-loaded relationship. The fact that this will remain a two-hander character piece should help Marks whittle things down to their essence, but she hardly needs help considering she’s a director on the rise after Mark, Mary & Some Other People, and After Everything earned acclaim.

For most people, though, the inimitable John Cho as Max will be the draw here. He’s paired with newcomer Mia Isaac as Wally, but as long as she (and the movie) leans on Cho, everything should work out.

Don’t Make Me Go is directed by Hannah Marks and stars John Cho and Mia Isaac. It will be released worldwide on Prime Video on July 15th.

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