A woman’s past rears its ugly head in Resurrection, the latest from writer/director Andrew Semans.

Margaret’s life was going pretty well. Her job was steady, she was taking care of herself, and her relationship with her teenage daughter was as good as parent-teen relationships get. Then her ex-boyfriend showed up and memories from her past came to the fore, derailing everything.

source: IFC Films and Shudder

Threat drips from this trailer even though it gives us a pretty simple setup. It promises a thriller, yes, but one that is quieter in its approach, more interested in exploring deep, complicated emotions than making you jump every five minutes. The slow burn is familiar to Semans, whose previous feature, Nancy, Please, saw a young college student slowly come undone from the stress of a Ph.D. thesis. He turns to a much more direct threat here, even if it seems like the particulars of what the ex-boyfriend will remain unclear for a long time.

Clarity isn’t necessary, though, when you have an actor with the capabilities of Rebecca Hall to funnel emotions through. Much of this film’s praise during its festival run was directed at her (no surprise there). Backing her up is Tim Roth as her ex-boyfriend and Grace Kaufman as her daughter.

Resurrection is directed by Andrew Semans and stars Rebecca Hall, Tim Roth, and Grace Kaufman. It will be released in the US on July 29th, 2022. Further release dates are not currently known.

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