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“Teddy Perkins” is Still Daring and Terrifying

This essay is part of our series Episodes, a bi-weekly column in which senior contributor Valerie Ettenhofer digs into the singular chapters of television that make the medium great. Each person who watches the Atlanta episode “Teddy Perkins” has

Our Pick of the Week Will Crush Your Heart and Lift Your Soul

Welcome to this week in home video! Pick of the Week Better Days What is it? A bullied girl and a thuggish boy fall in love. Why see it? This heavy, suspenseful drama won’t leave

5 Terrifically Grim Gems Streaming on Shudder, and What’s New for May 2020

The list of new arrivals to Shudder for April 2020 is below, but first, I’m going to celebrate five films currently available on the world’s best horror streaming service. I’ve previously highlighted some great horror/comedies

What Makes The ‘Star Wars’ Score Timeless

Welcome to the first installment of Franchising the Score, a column that will explore countless musical scores from all of your favorite movie franchises. But we’ll start with maybe the most famous of all, so

Watch Netflix’s ‘Hollywood,’ Then Watch These Classic Movies

Old Hollywood is rewritten in Ryan Murphy‘s latest endeavor, which employs a group of minority underdogs for a fictional success story set in 1940s Los Angeles. The Netflix limited series Hollywood follows a gay African-American screenwriter (Jeremy

Those Pesky Witches Are Out for Revenge In ‘Crowhaven Farm’

Welcome to 4:3 & Forgotten — a weekly column in which Rob Hunter and I get to look back at TV terrors that scared adults (and the kids they let watch) across the limited airwaves of the ’70s. Movies

‘Top of the Heap’ Sees One Man Rage Against the Machine

Welcome to The Prime Sublime, a weekly column dedicated to the underseen and underloved films buried beneath page after page of far more popular fare on Amazon’s Prime Video collection. We’re not just cherry-picking obscure titles,

What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime Video for May 2020

Amazon Prime Video is the only streaming service with a cost that also gets you free shipping, and that my friends is a deal. They’re in the original programming game, but their biggest offering remains the

Behind the Best Part of Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’

Ryan Murphy‘s Hollywood is an alternate history of Tinseltown in its Golden Age, a fantasy narrative in which the underdogs and the minorities win the respect they never got in our own timeline. Now we are

The 50 Most Beautiful Shots of the ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise

Steven Spielberg‘s Indiana Jones films are, quite simply, some of the most beloved action movies ever committed to celluloid. The franchise acts as a four-film highlight reel of every pre-show Saturday serial ever made, in other