The Blazing World

Steeped with heartache, trauma and loss, Carlson Young’s “The Blazing World” is a bid to find comfort and healing for a wounded soul. While it doesn’t quite deliver salvation, its scope is clearly ambitious. Dripping

The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson’s tenth feature film seems tailor-made to appeal to movie lovers who also appreciate the art of print journalism. Concerning the foreign bureau of the fictional Liberty Kansas Evening Sun newspaper, The French Dispatch

Home Entertainment Guide: October 2021

Note: There will be a special horror-themed edition of the guide next week that focuses on the many recent genre Blu-ray releases, including “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions,” “Old,” “The Forever Purge,” and 4K editions

Why Were Human Sacrifices Buried Beneath Ancient Korea’s ‘Moon Castle’?

More than 1,600 years ago, close to the southeastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, laborers were hard at work building a palace for a fledgling kingdom. They finished the foundation layer of the massive western

London Film Festival 2021, Days 6-8: BELFAST, BANTÚ MAMA, HIT THE ROAD and more

Belfast (Kenneth Branagh) Paddy Wilson: Not a film adaptation of the Boney M song (unfortunately), Belfast is Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical tale of a young boy named Buddy (Jude Hill) growing up in the sectarian violence

First Netflix Teaser for Cute Animated Adventure ‘Back to the Outback’

Let’s dance? Netflix has revealed a teaser trailer for an animated adventure from Australia titled Back to the Outback, following a group of animals that escape and try to make their way home. This was

Glenmont in West Orange, New Jersey

Thomas Edison—the inventor who needs no introduction—moved to West Orange from Menlo Park after the death of his first wife in 1884. After marrying his second wife, Mina, in 1887, he presented her with an

‘Halloween Kills’ a Reborn Franchise

Movie franchises matter more than movie stars, even when they’re anchored by soulless killers. The 2018 “Halloween” refresh honored that reality. Sure, the third act disappointed, but director David Gordon Green’s film efficiently restored Michael

It Takes a Village to Feed Cambodia’s Ravenous Ghosts

Rotanak Ros woke to feed the ghosts before dawn. By the time the sun’s first rays began creeping over the rooftops of Phnom Penh, it would be too late—the spirits cannot stand the light. During

For Sale: Ricky Jay’s One-of-a-Kind Collection of Magic, Mystery, and Masterpieces

Some knew Ricky Jay as a magician, a renowned sleight-of-hand artist who could manipulate cards with superhuman dexterity. Others discovered him as an actor, in films such as Magnolia or the HBO series Deadwood. What’s

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