Bloody Trailer for Extra Crazy ‘Chainsaw Man’ Japanese Anime Series

“If you don’t take job seriously, you’ll die.” Mappa & Shueisha has revealed a third official trailer for an anime series titled Chainsaw Man, premiering in October in Japan and streaming on Crunchyroll in the

Winners, Losers of 2022’s Summer Movies (And 1 Question Mark)

We still feel the need for speed. Audiences had to wait, and wait, for Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” to hit theaters. Once the pandemic delays lifted, the ’80s-era sequel soared higher than anyone expected.

Can Woke Hollywood Survive Biden’s Recession?

Get woke, go broke they said, but Hollywood didn’t listen. Progressive project after progressive project fizzled, but studio bean counters kept their cool. An uber-feminist “Charlie’s Angels?” Eh, the ‘70s aren’t hip anymore. A girl-power

Eighty-five years on, Stella Dallas remains a style icon

S[/stopcap]tella Dallas opens with a brief series of shots in which the titular character (née Martin) exits her front door at the sight of workers returning home, tidies the ruffled collar of her blouse, smooths

How the Chinese Diaspora Feeds Itself, in 100 Dazzling Illustrations

In an ink-black night sky, against the stars of distant galaxies, a solitary Chinese mantou bun emanates steam, circled by red chili oil like a spicy ring of Saturn. This is not a newly discovered

Sally Lunn’s in Bath, England

Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum is situated in the town of Bath, England, in one of its oldest homes. As soon as you duck inside, its age becomes apparent. Vibrant wallpaper covers oddly-angled walls

Watch: Comedic Short ‘The Ref’ About a Youth Sports Ref vs. Parents

“We’re going to resume play.” The most annoying thing about youth sports is not the game itself, or the altered rules, it’s all the hysterical parents who get upset at pretty much anything. Right, right?

Skovtårnet (Forest Tower) in Ronnede, Denmark

In a preserved woodland area south of Copenhagen rises Skovtårnet, an hourglass-like tower built so that visitors, without disturbing the natural environment, can experience nature from a new perspective. A gently-inclined spiral ramp leads the

Review: David Leitch’s Action Movie ‘Bullet Train’ is Worth the Trip

Moviegoers possess countless reasons to visit movie theaters, some unrelated to the movie chosen for their viewing. However, when it comes to reasons related to the cinematographic work itself, these factors cover a vast range

Église Sainte Catherine in Honfleur, France

Of the seemingly endless collateral damages stemming from the lengthy Hundred Years War, one was a stone church in the heart of Honfleur, a town at the mouth of the Seine River. While its replacement

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