Anime Yasuke mixes African history with fantasy thrills

“It won’t come off,” says a Japanese man of the skin colour of Yasuke. He’s trying to wash the man as a reward after a fight well won, and becomes baffled by his complexion. This


Book Excerpt: In Their Own Words: Fiction Directors by Alex Heeney

We are proud to present an excerpt from the latest offering from Seventh Row, Fiction Directors: In Their Words, a compilation of interviews with filmmakers. Get your own copy and find out more about here.

The radical queer politics and bittersweet legacy of Tomboy

When Céline Sciamma’s second feature, Tomboy, premiered in 2011, she could have had no idea that it would one day receive extreme backlash in her home country. A year and a half later, the French

In the Earth

“In the Earth” is a film made for midnight showings. It’s ominous, brutal, pretentious, and often stirring. Even though some sections feel rushed and it falls apart at the end, every part of it is memorable.

Horrific Inquiry: DEAD SILENCE (2007)

Welcome back to the newest, and at times goriest, column here at Film Inquiry – Horrific Inquiry. Twice a month, I will be tackling all things horror, each month bringing two films back into the

The Mystery of the Mummified Bishop and the Fetus in His Coffin

In life, Peder Winstrup was a man of both god and science, and a practical politician who advocated for his city of Lund, in what is now southern Sweden. In death, the 17th-century bishop is

Trying to Understand a Volcano’s Jekyll-and-Hyde Eruptions

La Soufrière, the skyscraping volcano on the northern side of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, began exploding on April 9, 2021. At press time, no deaths had been recorded, but ash has smothered the

Watch: Sci-Fi Short Film ‘Mimic’ About a Submarine That Vanishes

“Only 20 of your crew were ever found. What happened to the other 100 men you were sworn to protect?” An intriguing, low key sci-fi short film that is built entirely around dialogue. Mimic is

Autonome – Music video review

★★★★ Director: #AlexandreRichards Music written and performed by: #MadaMada Starring: #CharlesAlexisDesgagnés Music video review by David Richards The music video for Montreal artist Mada Mada’s ‘Autonome’ is presented to us as a compelling short film

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin, Germany

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, or Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächniskirche, was originally constructed in the 1890s as part of the Protestant church-building program started by Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife Augusta Victoria. They hoped that the program

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