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Children of the Underground

The content warning before “Children of the Underground” sits differently than they normally do in such disturbing documentaries. It’s not just a necessary head’s up that we are about to learn a whole lot about

Eating Like an Explorer Once Called for Plenty of ‘Portable Soup’

When British explorer and Royal Navy captain James Cook set sail aboard the HMS Endeavour on August 26, 1768, for an expedition around the Pacific, he brought along 18 months of provisions. These included pigs,

Brief First Teaser Trailer for ‘Bones and All’ with Timothée Chalamet

“All I think is that I love you.” And here we go. MGM / UA have revealed a sneaky 30-second teaser trailer for the new film Bones and All, the latest film Italian director Luca

National Lampoon Squeezes IP for NFTs (After Woke Podcast Bust)

National Lampoon’s revival happened at the best possible time. The legendary brand got a second lease on life in 2019. The new owners hoped to leverage its place in comedy lore to build a new

Whale Jawbone Fence in Rømø, Denmark

Between 1660 and 1860, a large number of the male population of the Danish Wadden Sea island of Rømø took part in whaling on Dutch or German vessels in the Fram Strait between Spitsbergen and

Round Spring in Round Spring, Missouri

Round Spring pours into a collapsed cave creating an illusion of a double-stacked spring. The collapsed cave, known as the spring’s resurgence, is almost perfectly spherical, giving Round Spring its name. The highest recorded daily

Gibson-Todd House in Charles Town, West Virginia

The Gibson-Todd House is most well known as the site where abolitionist John Brown and six other men were hanged on charges of murder, treason, and insurrection between December 1859 and March 1860. Brown was

Black Sabbath Bridge in Birmingham, England

Late 1960s Birmingham, England, was a rather bleak place to live. Amid rubble that lingered from the Blitz bombings of World War II, giant smokestacks emitted black clouds over the city. The working class toiled

Hrimnir Ramen in Oslo, Norway

Jars of house-cured preserved lemons, pickled plums, and pear vinegar line the walls of Hrimnir Ramen, the Oslo eatery that puts a distinctly Norwegian spin on Japan’s beloved noodles. Both Japanese and Nordic cultures rely


With new mutations of the COVID-19 virus still popping up seemingly every day and monkeypox cases spreading faster than vaccines can be doled out, one might wonder if it’s too soon for an anxiety-inducing thriller