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Nine Perfect Strangers serves up a pitch-black critique of wellness culture

What happens when you throw nine perfect strangers into a wellness retreat which blends meditation, dirt digging (read: grave digging), fasting and sack races, with the promise of complete physical and mental transformation at the


Somewhere in the vast woodland outside Portland, Oregon, Robin (Nicolas Cage) and his pig live a simple life. Their days are spent foraging for prized truffles in the forest. Evenings bring the respite of a


Melissa Haizlip’s Mr. Soul! to Premiere on HBO Max on August 22nd

Melissa Haizlip’s award-winning documentary “Mr. Soul!” will premiere on HBO Max on Sunday, August 22nd. The film chronicles the legacy of “SOUL!”, the public television variety show produced and hosted by Ellis Haizlip (the director’s uncle) that turned

Discover the eco-horror of this eerily prescient creature feature

Prophecy opens with three sequences that together establish its themes. In the first, a search-and-rescue team in the Maine woods, out at night looking for missing lumberjacks, themselves come under violent attack from someone –



With its claustrophobic, retro-styled opening, Prano Bailey-Bond’s Censor initially brings to mind Berberian Sound Studio, Peter Stickland’s giallo-inspired psychological horror from 2012. In this case, however, the immersive, metatextual action occurs not in a recording

Searching for Mr. Rugoff

In the documentary “Searching for Mr. Rugoff,” filmmaker Ira Deutchman offers a compelling biographical portrait of a highly influential New York movie theater owner and independent film distributor that is, by extension, a study of


As the old saying goes, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. And, when 17-year-old recently orphaned Ida (Sandra Guldberg Kampp) is sent to live with what seems to be a loving cluster of

David Squires on… Bob Odenkirk in Nobody (UK edition)

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Take a first look at Florence Pugh in period piece The Wonder

The crowd-pleasing success of Black Widow has further cemented Florence Pugh’s reputation as one of her generation’s preeminent movie stars, a wave that many have been on since she first wowed in Lady Macbeth back

Misha and the Wolves

“Wow. This was quite a story.” So deadpans Joni Soffron, co-founder of a wolf sanctuary in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on what she felt when she first heard Misha Defonseca’s extraordinary tale of finding protection in a