“It’s Impossible to Open Your Eyes & NOT Be Grateful” – The RynoRyder Vlogs – Week 10

Like many other content creators, I haven’t felt much like “sharing in my journey” over this past week. I am an American who was raised under a military-led, republican-voting, racist, white roof. I could be the poster child for the biggest internal conflict I’ve ever been witness to in my country.

I am not the same person I was. It took me throwing out everything I thought I was in order to become the person I’ve always wanted to be.

I cannot makeup for the things I’ve said in the past. I used to walk around my hometown, PROUDLY wearing a confederate flag on my shirt, not because I supported the Confederate’s ideaologies, but because I knew it made people uncomfortable. I was so blinded by my upbringing. I would say I’m embarrassed, had I not done so many even more “embarrassing” things throughout my life.

I have been arrested more times than I can actually remember. I have stood up and screamed in cops’ faces. I’ve threatened to beat the shit out of them. I’ve had many a physical interaction with them. I’ve been caught using fake guns. I’ve been caught using a fake I.D. I’ve run from them, hid from them, a few times. I’ve sold illegal drugs. I stole a cop car once. I’ve done just about every illegal thing you can think of, yet here I am…not in prison, and not dead. All because my skin is white.

I am not one for small actions, I am one who wants to make the most noise. Very few people will read here what I write, but those who will, will know that I am angry, and I want to be heard. I am putting ALL of this anger and drive into a funnel and pointing the end of that funnel directly at the responsibility I have to tell my story of America. My story of how I see my country today, so divivded. The potential effects behind the statements I want to make in my upcoming film will not be known for years from now, but having a light on the horizon is forcing me to keep my head up. For when I look at what’s around me currently, it’s enough to push someone over the edge.
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