You know who is back in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, directed by Jason Woliner.

Fifteenish years ago, Sacha Baron Cohen blindsided America with his fake Kazakh reporter Borat, who would pepper unsuspecting people with off-the-wall questions and absurd scenarios in order to shine a light our hypocrisies. Some of his interviewees/victims were famous but many were regular folks, making his target America as a whole instead of just the persona we sell to the rest of the world. With the country descending even further into madness, Cohen has brought Borat back to see how low we’ve really sunk, and while the results probably won’t be pretty, they should be hilarious.

source: Amazon Studios

This part scripted, part mockumentary approach to filmmaking requires a hell of a lot of people being on their game and on their toes, and since they often only get one chance at a sequence, there’s a lot of pressure on Woliner to get everyone prepped. He replaces Larry Charles, who helmed both Borat and Brüno, a film based on one of Cohen’s other famous characters. Hopefully, Woliner will slide right into the chaos.

The film will really come down to Cohen, though, who must navigate everything on the fly. He has to push his subjects into revealing themselves, and since this was filmed as COVID-19 shut down the world and America was engulfed in increasingly partisan disputes, this promises to be an even more raw look at the country. Hopefully, he can make that funny, too.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is directed by Jason Woliner and stars Sacha Baron Cohen. It will be released worldwide on Amazon Prime on October 23rd, 2020.

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