A Day in the Life of a Conservative Entertainment Reporter

It’s not easy covering an industry weaponizing art to a degree we’ve never seen before.

This reporter leans to the right, as does Hollywood in Toto. No mystery there. It’s as transparent as the site’s tag line. Some days, though, it seems like every other pitch in my inbox is designed to counter my core political beliefs, and that of half the country.

Today is just such a day.

Yes, it’s Election Season, and the big day is less than a month away. Still, the crush of press releases promoting liberal content is as massive as I can remember. It’s only one day’s worth of pitches, mind you, and quitting time is still several hours away.

Here’s a sampling of the pitches and industry updates this critic received over the last 24 hours about upcoming shows, movies and documentaries.

Docuseries Intensive

The nonprofit Film Independent, powered by founding sponsor CNN Original Series, just announced 10 projects chosen for its inaugural Docuseries Intensive lineup. Among the projects in question is “Alphabet Rockers Got Your Back (working title).

Grammy-nominated Alphabet Rockers is an unlikely phenomenon of the children’s music world: a group of kids using hip hop to effect social change. With songs like “Black Gxrl Magic” and “Until You’re Free” — about migrant children being held in U.S. detention centers — and songs that speak out about racism and smashing the gender binary, they are activists first and artists second. As adults and children alike grapple with these questions, society needs their voices more than ever.”

Here’s more on the initiative from the press release:

“We applaud CNN Original Series for opening the door to a sector of the filmmaking ecosystem that is often closed to filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds and are thrilled to have dedicated partners that share our enthusiasm for creating equity and access in our industry,” said Lisa Hasko, Director of Artist Development, Film Independent.

Grabien’s Morning Clip List

This daily e-blast shares notable quotes from a variety of sources, including political leaders, journalists and, almost always, late night TV hosts. Here’s some headlines from the latter group:

Seth Meyers: Trump’s Telling Americans Who Don’t Have the Same Access to Health Care To Not Be Afraid

Seth Meyers: Trump Gasped for Air Like He Was Guarding Lebron James All Night

Jimmy Fallon: Trump Is Acting Like He’s in a Werewolf Movie and He’s Dismissing a Bite Like It’s No Big Deal

Stephen Colbert Compares Trump to Mussolini, Saddam: Nothing Bad Ever Happens to People Famous For Their Balconies

Stephen Colbert: Trump’s ‘Repetitive Message’ to America Is ‘Go out and Get Some Sick’


The network teams with Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for a documentary capturing America circa 2020.

The younger Pelosi, a liberal, directs “American Selfie: One Nation Shoots Itself.” The documentary, set to bow Oct. 23, takes the country’s cultural temperature at a critical time in modern history.

The trailer suggests another left-leaning product from the veteran filmmaker.

YouTube Video

‘Faith Ba$ed’

The upcoming satire skewers faith-based movie making and indie productions in one fell swoop. The movie is available on VOD services Oct. 9, but the email pitch centered on a music video tied to the feature.

YouTube Video

‘A West Wing Reunion’

HBO Max shared its first look at the Emmy-winning show’s upcoming special. The event doubles as a fundraiser for When We All Vote, a nonprofit co-chaired by former First Lady Michelle Obama. The special, airing Oct. 15, features guest appearances by Obama, President Bill Clinton, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and others.

Need some corporate synergy? Sister network TNT announced a series of classic “West Wing” marathons will air, starting Oct. 9, through Nov. 3 — AKA Election Day, of the progressive series.

‘Totally Under Control’

Liberal director Alex Gibney’s new documentary savages President Donald Trump’s stewardship of the nation’s COVID-19 response. The film, hitting VOD outlets Oct. 13 and Hulu Oct. 20, features the following, absurd statement.

Had the federal government done its job properly by following clear guidelines in place based on past pandemics most of the death and destruction could have been avoided.

YouTube Video

‘Half Brothers’

Focus Features shared our first look at this road trip comedy, the tale of a Mexican man who learns he has an American half-brother who looks, and acts, nothing like him.

YouTube Video

The story is more than just the usual yuks, though. 

The Mexican man’s father left their family for America decades ago without explanation, and the film teases the answers to that bruising mystery. The trailer suggests an immigration-themed reason, although the framing is far less political than recent projects like “Beneath Us” and the canceled “Party of Five” reboot.

Here’s part of the film’s promotional tease:

The two very different half-brothers are forced on a road journey together masterminded by their ailing father, tracing the path their father took as an immigrant from Mexico to the US.

On a related note, a quick trip down the YouTube rabbit hole earlier today uncovered a sneak peek at an upcoming edition of “Our Cartoon President.” The animated Showtime series, from executive producer Stephen Colbert, brings Hunter Biden to the show’s comic roster.

Right-leaning audiences know plenty about the young Biden and his shady business deals, including recent revelations the mainstream media mostly ignored. The clip in question hints at Biden’s toxic headlines but actually targets Donald Trump, Jr.

YouTube Video

For what it’s worth, this critic also received a new trailer/update on “What Killed Michael Brown,” a right-leaning documentary that challenges the progressive narratives surrounding Brown’s 2014 death during an exchange with a local police officer.

YouTube Video

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