Incompleteness, Part 1 film review


Directed by: David Ash

Written by: David Ash

Starring: Matt Bailey, Clarence Wethern, Katie Willer, Bethany Ford Binkley, Christine Weber

,,Film Review by: ,,Jason Knight

Poster for Incompleteness, Part 1 showing protagonist Bethany Ford Binkley.

Inner struggles, strong emotions, relationships, romance. There are plenty of these elements to be found in David Ash’s thoughtful drama.

The story explores the lives and relationships of certain individuals. A filmmaker is not in a good position. He has cancer, has a lot pf debt to pay and his unhappy wife is pregnant with a child he is unlikely to see. A scriptwriter is in trouble with some bad people, has unusual perspectives about life and he proceeds to share them with a waitress he meets. And a man and a woman, who work together as actors, begin a romantic relationship.

Basically the film is about people. It is about individuals who are trying to find out who they are and what their purpose in life is. It also explores how they get to know each other and how it affects them.

The feature gains by strong performances by the main cast. Bailey in particular is great in his portrayal of a troubled man who is facing a crisis. And Binkley is also outstanding as his wife, who isn’t getting what she wants out of life.

The tone of the film is more or less serious and touching. The scenes where Bailey’s character records himself leaving messages to his unborn child are really heartwarming and emotional. The same goes when his wife explains her unhappiness. On the other hand, there are a couple of rather awkward scenes of a sexual nature that are likely to make the viewer a bit uncomfortable!

This movie is well acted, with good direction, clever editing, beautiful score and well-written dialogue. The narrative though is not very exciting and therefore unlikely to appeal to a mass audience.

That aside this is a well-made piece of work and worthy of recognition.


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