Official Trailer for ‘Wojnarowicz’ Doc Profiling the Great Queer Artist

Wojnarowicz Trailer

“Is that not political?” World of Wonder has unveiled an early trailer for the documentary Wojnarowicz, with a much more provocative full title: Wojnarowicz: F–k You F-ggot F–ker. The film is premiering at the DOC NYC Film Festival next month. Their full description: “Emerging as a distinctive voice in the East Village art scene of the 1980s, David Wojnarowicz combined a variety of disciplines, from painting and photography to music and writing, in his artistic practice. Fiercely and unapologetically embracing his queer identity, he rebelled against the growing conservatism of the times, epitomized by the establishment’s callous indifference to the AIDS epidemic, which would claim him in 1992 at the age of 37. Filmmaker Chris McKim has constructed a powerful elegy that recaptures the urgency and passion of Wojnarowicz’s life and art.” From the looks of it, this definitely will be a provocative and compelling look at a genuinely bold artist.

Here’s the first official trailer (+ poster) for Chris McKim’s doc Wojnarowicz, direct from YouTube:

Wojnarowicz Poster

As much as any other artist whose work takes on denial and neglect, David Wojnarowicz used his unique skills as a writer, painter, and thinker to give voice to queer rights at a critical time in U.S. history. In this collage-like yet incisive exploration of his life, Chris McKim deftly mixes his paintings, photos, films, old answering-machine messages, recorded conversations with recollections from friends, relatives, curators, critics, colleagues, and siblings. McKim traces Wojnarowicz’s life, from his toxic New Jersey upbringing to his “making it” in the New York art scene, and beyond. As New York City became the epicenter of the AIDS crisis, Wojnarowicz’s art became angrier and more outspoken, and his powerful, unapologetic way of seeing the world made an impact that greatly contributed toward gay rights. Wojnarowicz, a victim of AIDS, passed away in 1992 at age 37, but as this film attests, his uncompromising work and attitude still carry great relevance. Wojnarowicz is directed by producer / filmmaker Chris McKim, director of the doc films Out of Iraq and Freedia Got a Gun previously, as well as lots of TV work. This was set to premiere at the Tribeca and Hot Docs Festival, but is now officially premiering at DOC NYC this year. No release date is set yet after its festival debut. For more details, visit WOW’s website or head to DOC NYC. Who’s interested?

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