Emoji Stained Glass Windows in Malmo, Sweden

Emoji Stained Glass Windows

Churches are usually filled with decades and possibly centuries-old items and decorations. Typically these depict biblical scenes and saints. However, at the St. Petri Cathedral in Malmo, a pair of stained glass windows have a very modern appeal. 

The project was a collaborative effort between the church, local organizations, and the Malmo Museum to give children of various cultures a taste of different religions. The children visited several churches and learned about their history, along with the stories depicted inside and on the windows. Additionally, they watched a theatrical performance of St. George and the Dragon.

Afterward, the children were asked to express what they learned using emojis. Most of the creations included various themes of good and evil, heroes and friendship. The finished windows are now prominently on display inside the church alongside a small sign explaining the project.