Carnlough Harbor in Carnlough, Northern Ireland

Carnlough Harbor

Carnlough, a village located along the East Antrim coastline of Northern Ireland, is home to one of the most beautiful stone harbor ports in the country.

The stone harbor as seen in Carnlough today was first constructed in 1854 by the Marquess Marchioness of Londonderry. It was designed to help develop the limestone export trade from the nearby Gortin Road Quarry. Eventually, a railway between the quarry and the harbor was created. 

The harbor area now is now frequented by tourists for the magnificent views of the Irish Sea and Carnlough Village. There are also boat tours to the Maiden Lighthouses near Larne Town. The harbor was even featured on the hit television show, Game Of Thrones.

Each year, the harbor also hosts the New Year’s Dip, where local residents dress up and jump into the waters to raise money for local charities.

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