Sutri Amphitheatre in Sutri, Italy

Sutri Amphitheatre

Sutri is a fascinating small town north of Rome. The entire town is constructed inside and on top of the local volcanic tuff rock.

Upon entering the town, visitors will notice an excavated Roman necropolis, but the most interesting feature is the impressive Sutri Amphitheatre that was constructed between the 2nd and the 1st-centuries CE.

The local inhabitants excavated the site between 1835 and 1838, as it had been previously used by the Savorelli family, who own the spectacular villa above the site. Archaeological findings show that the structure was decorated with various elements such as niches, statues, and columns.

It’s estimated that the Sutri Amphitheatre, which consisted of three levels, could hold up to 9,000 people, a sizeable public monument for the inhabitants of ancient Sutrium. Elliptical in shape, it represents a rather unique example of Roman architecture. Ten gates allowed access to the podium which separates the cavea from the arena ground.

One of the site’s most mysterious characteristics is the unusually small size of the steps. Archaeologists still don’t have a clear explanation for this unusual feature.

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