Watch: Fun Animated Short Film ‘Kill Your Idioms’ from Grant Kolton

Kill Your Idioms Short Film

“Pennies saved don’t add up to much.” Everyone loves idioms! Or at least, we love using idioms and tossing them into casual conversations all the time. Kill Your Idioms is a two-minute animated short created by Grant Kolton that riffs on some of the most popular idioms. “You decide, do your idioms live or die in this animated poem?” Kolton takes idioms and turns them back into literal sentences, then animates a scene for each one. It’s a sly lesson in English and a way to make you think about the phrases we all use and whether they’re actually useful or not. The “killing two birds with one stone is actually harder” scene is the best one because the little chirps from the birds are so cute and yet they’re being killed with a stone. Poor little birds.

Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip. Brief description from Vimeo: “Literal and figurative worlds collide but only one can survive… Do your idioms live or die?” Kill Your Idioms is directed by written, directed and animated by filmmaker Grant Kolton – see more of his work on Vimeo or visit his official website / follow him @grantkoltoons. Kolton is a writer, director, animator living in Los Angeles specializing in 2D frame by frame animation, motion graphics, and mixed-media. His other original short Blackhole Apartment is out now on FX on Hulu. Kill Your Idioms features original sound design by Walter Baccoli, and original music by Michael O’Konis. For more info on the short, visit Grant’s website. For more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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