Tokyo Metropolitan Building Staff Cafeteria in Tokyo, Japan

There are a number of reasons to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. It’s the tallest city hall in the world, evokes a gothic cathedral wrought in metal, and includes observatories and gift shops. But don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the staff cafeteria in Tower One, which is a cut above, as well as 32 stories above the ground. 

Visitors are welcome, and menu items are often in both Japanese and English. A seat at the counter lining the long windows offers a glorious view of the city below, as well as the misty mountains in the distance. 

As for what to eat, there are a number of options. It’s self-service, so visitors choose what they want and pay at machines before going to the appropriate counter to pick up their meal. There are lots of set meals on offer, including entrees such as noodles and curry. There are also certain items available only here, such as the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ramen” and the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bento.” The latter consists of 32 items, in honor of the cafeteria’s place on the 32nd floor. It includes millet rice embellished with a bright red pickled plum, hamburger, mackerel, vegetables, and more. 

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