The College of Psychic Studies in London, England

The College of Psychic Studies

Founded in 1884 by an erudite group of Victorians, The College of Psychic Studies has long championed education and research in consciousness studies, psychic mediumship, and the intuitive arts. 

The college is located in a beautifully preserved 19th-century home and is a haven for all things esoteric. The college was established in 1884 as the London Spiritualist Alliance by William Stainton Moses. Alongside courses in psychic mediumship, metaphysics, energy work, and healing, the college is also home to an impressive reference library of antique tomes on magic, rituals, spiritualism, and the occult. 

To really enjoy the spirited atmosphere at The College of Psychic Studies, the best time to visit is during an event in its grand lecture hall, surrounded by portraits of the greatest psychics, mediums, and magicians throughout history.

The top floor is where legendary British ghost hunter Harry Price conducted his experiments on mediums during the early 20th-century.