Davenport Pier Beach in Davenport, California

Davenport Pier Beach

This gem lies right off the Pacific Coast Highway in the town of Davenport, just north of Santa Cruz.

The view from the roadway is inspiring, as visitors will find old pilings of a defunct pier that stretches out into the Pacific Ocean. To get to the beach, one must traverse down a sea cliff. This is not a defined trail and although ropes have been strategically placed by previous visitors, it remains a steep trek that should only be attempted by abled individuals.

Once down at the beach, an abandoned, graffiti-covered dwelling greets visitors. The beach itself should only be accessed during low tide. The crown jewel of this picturesque beach is a swing seated under the ruins of the old pier. It allows visitors to swing with the rhythm of the waves and stare out into the expansive ocean. This has become a favorite spot for amateur and professional photographers. 

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