‘Intersection Point Zero’ in Carrizozo, New Mexico

'Intersection Point Zero'

Oklahoma City-based designer and sculptor Hugh Meade crafted this sculpture dubbed “Intersection Point Zero,” a double intersecting arch of rusted steel and bright aluminum. It was designed as a specific place marker for human concepts such as “logical thinking” and “creativity,” much like the Greenwich Prime Meridian is a globally recognized marker for time. The sculpture was completed in 2017.

When a person stands under the arches, they can look up through the small void where the steel and aluminum come together. There, one can imagine an infinite euclidian line extending out into space from the center.

When standing under the artwork, the moment of peace and reflection can help refocus the body, mind, and spirit. The sculpture is purposely located away from dense population centers. This increases the sense of meaning and purpose in traveling to and from this eclectic piece of art. 

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