Love grows on adjacent farms in Ireland in Wild Mountain Thyme, the latest from writer/director John Patrick Shanley.

Rosemary and Anthony have known each other their entire lives. Their families lived right next to each other, and they both ended up staying around home and each other. Rosemary stayed because of her lifelong crush on Anthony. Anthony stayed because, well, because it seemed like the thing to do. It was expected that he would inherit the family farm, but his odd behavior causes his father to rethink the plan. An American nephew is brought in as the new potential heir, the shakeup causing Anthony and Rosemary to reevaluate where their lives were headed.

source: Bleecker Street Media

As he has before, Shanley is adapting his own play to the screen, but this is more reminiscent of his lighthearted romances than the dour seriousness of something like DoubtShanley, remember, struck big in Hollywood with his script for Moonstruck, shortly thereafter making his directing debut with Joe Versus the VolcanoWild Mountain Thyme, with its big names and the almost cheesy tone of this trailer, is much more along those lines, which means it should be fun if you can get past those accents.

Stars Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan are trying, but even to my American ears, those accents are…something. Then you have Christopher Walken in there, too, which is almost comical. At least Jon Hamm is playing a standard American, so he’s innocent of the accent carnage. But getting beyond that, this is a sturdy group of likable stars that will hopefully make this romantic lark fun.

Wild Mountain Thyme is directed by John Patrick Shanley and stars Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, and Jon Hamm. It will be released in the US in theaters and on-demand on December 11th, 2020. For international release dates, click here.

Will you brave these accents to see if the movie turns out well? Let us know in the comments!

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