‘Tamiški Kralj’ (‘King of Tamis’) in Sutjeska, Serbia

'Tamiški Kralj' ('King of Tamis')

In a small village, Sečanj archaeologists discovered a bronze figurine that dated to the 12th-century. it was believed to be a representation of Jesus Christ.

It is known as “The King Of Tamiš,” since the Tamiš River is located just one mile away. Local sculptor Miodrag Rogan was fascinated by the look of the figurine, which was discovered by his friend. He decided to craft a larger version of the ancient relic. The sculpture is composed of concrete and was placed near the road at the village’s entrance.

When the figurine was first discovered, it contained damages and is exhibited in the artist’s rendition. There are many more archeological findings near Sečanj village, but this artifact and accompanying sculpture are perhaps the most famous.

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