Greenfield Valley Heritage Park in Greenfield, Wales

Sculpture inside Meadow Mill.

Greenfield Valley Heritage Park is home to millponds, streams, and historic factories all connected by a pleasant one and a half-mile walking path. This park contains almost 2,000 years of history. 

Some of the industries founded in this area included copper, flannel, and flour mills, along with soft drink works which still exist today.

The Greenfield Valley Heritage Park is probably best known for its papermaking industry. A paper mill has been located on this site since 1770. The location was chosen for the development of a water-powered mill due to the constant supply flowing from St Winefride’s Well.

The park was also home to the Holywell Textile Mill, which was originally constructed to produce woolen products. During World War I and II, the factory produced uniforms for French and British soldiers. The factory was then closed in the 1980s and was partly demolished, although, the shop building still remains. The visitors center houses several objects related to the mill. A visit offers a deeper understanding of the various industries that once occupied the park.

Along a short walking trail from Greenfield Mill, visitors will encounter Meadow Mill, the remains of a single-story brick building next to the dam wall. Here, power was supplied by three cast-iron waterwheels.

Near the visitors center is the old Spring Gardens School, which was originally constructed near the town of Holywell but was later reconstructed here. 

Basingwerk Abbey is another significant building in Heritage Park. This abbey was part of a network of Cistercian settlements that once dotted Wales. It was founded in 1131 and was remodeled during the 13th-century. Now an atmospheric ruin, Basingwerk Abbey is still an important religious site as it’s the start of the North Wales Pilgrim’s Walk.

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