Watch: Norwegian Teens Dance in ‘Voguing with Beethoven’ Short

Voguing with Beethoven

“Shall we begin?” It’s time to reinvent Beethoven! Again! Voguing with Beethoven is an exquisite short film made by Norwegian filmmaker Emilie Norenberg – a talented up-and-coming director. She partnered with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and the local “Oslo ballroom family” to make this fantastic dance short about identity and belonging. Shot on 16mm film on the suburban streets of Oslo, the film actually tells a story (not just voguing) about a young man’s journey to embrace his identity and find a place where he belongs. Starring Karim Mahmoud and Musicians of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. This is short is so cool! I wasn’t expecting to be so moved by it, especially with a slightly cheesy title like Voguing with Beethoven, but it’s even better than I was expecting. “We wanted to create something that felt emotive and authentic.” I definitely think they’ve achieved that in only 4 minutes! Turn the volume wayyy up and enjoy.

Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip on this one. Description from Vimeo: “In connection to Beethoven’s 250th jubilee, high culture meets subculture in this short film about identity and belonging presented by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.” Voguing with Beethoven is directed by filmmaker Emilie Norenberg – you can see more of her work on Vimeo or visit her official website or follow her on IG @emilienorenberg. She has also directed music videos, documentaries, and commercials. Produced by Lise Schelvan. Featuring cinematography by Andreas Johannessen. Made in Oslo. “I’ve always looked up to the ballroom community because no one teaches self-love and inclusiveness the way they do,” Norenberg explains. “Their message is similar to that of Beethoven’s… Often described as a suffering outsider, [he’s] a humanitarian who believed in equality and individual freedom.” For more info, visit Vimeo or Emilie’s site. For more shorts, click here.

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