Watch: Badass ‘Hobo with the High Kick’ Short with Moose Matson

Hobo with the High Kick Short Film

“Some people just want to be left alone. I didn’t want any trouble. But after what he did to Charlie…” This is one hobo you don’t want to mess with! After Hobo with a Shotgun comes a high kickin’ hobo from New York City. Check out this badass short film Hobo with the High Kick, made for fun by filmmaker Bill Teck and the Wrong Reel podcast crew. The 8-minute short stars Moose Matson as the titular “hobo with the high kick”, and Moose also wrote the script. Also starring Dion Baia and Stephen Koepfer. This isn’t a particularly high quality production, but that’s the point – just some movie geek friends having fun making a throwback short film honoring hobos that kick ass and take out the trash. I do hope Jason Eisener one day makes a Hobo with a Shotgun sequel, but until then, this is the next best hobo film to kick back with. Enjoy.

Hobo with the High Kick Poster

Thanks to Twitter for the tip on this one. The only description from YouTube: “He’ll Kick You…To Death!” That’s all there is – no other official synopsis or logline beyond that. Which is maybe all this really needs? Hobo with the High Kick is directed by producer / filmmaker Bill Teck – director of the documentary One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich and the Lost American Film previously. You can see more of his work on Vimeo or follow him @billteck for updates. The screenplay is written by Moose Matson. Produced by James Hancock and “[many] friends and contributors from [the] podcast Wrong Reel.” Also featuring cinematography by Bill Teck. Made entirely independently by Wrong Reel Productions and the filmmakers. For more on the short, visit YouTube or listen to Wrong Reel. To see more shorts, click here. Your thoughts?

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