Watch: Animated Stan Lee Talks About the F Word in a Funny Short

Stan Lee Sessions

“It seems to me that that so called ‘dirty word’ is probably the most useful word in the English language.” The beloved comic book legend Stan Lee never used any curse words. Or did he…? Well, now we know the definitive answer. Honestly, who doesn’t? This amusing animated short film is made from a real recording with the late Stan Lee, who passed away in 2018. Filmmaker / producer Aron Fromm put together this animated short, called Sessions with Stan, when he stumbled across this audio recording in an old folder on his computer. He explains: “I think a lot of people wonder what their heroes are like behind closed doors, and I personally find it reassuring when they’re 100% as advertised. Stan was.” The funny 2-minute video animates a behind-the-scenes recording session when Stan talks about the F-word (aka “fuck”) and how it is one of the most versatile words that can be used so many different ways. This will definitely make you smile.

Thanks to Jake Westmore / Cartoon Brew for the tips on this short. Brief description from YouTube: “This is a real recording, from one of my favorite memories of the old man.” This Sessions with Stan short film is produced and directed by filmmaker Aron Fromm – see more of his work on YouTube or visit his official website or follow him @aronfromm. With animation by Richard Plata, backgrounds by Guillaume Arantes, and character design by Kosperry. Created from a real recording with Stan. Fromm explains: “I have a ton of old recordings of Stan, but this one always cracked me up. It’s so likable and candid. It’s the way I like to remember him: a sharp-as-a-tack goofy old man who would do anything for a laugh. I was going through some old folders on my computer, came across it, and was like, ‘Shit, I gotta do something with this…'” I just hope he makes more of these videos. For info visit Cartoon Brew or YouTube. To see more shorts, click here.

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