A writer tries to shake things loose in Let Them All Talk, the latest from director Steven Soderbergh.

Lots of people were anxiously awaiting Alice’s next book. With decades of acclaimed work under her belt, one might assume that getting another written would be easy, but she’s quietly struggling. Sensing trouble, her agent arranges for her to take a trip with some old friends and her nephew hoping that will rattle things loose. Problem is that everyone in Alice’s life has been affected by her writing, and sometimes not in a good way.

source: HBO Max

Since this comes from Soderbergh the production was a quick, improvisational sort. Serving as his own cinematographer and shooting in a matter of weeks, Soderbergh’s infatuation with autonomous filmmaking is always causing him to test out new techniques, and here he worked without a finished script. The rough idea came from acclaimed short story writer Deborah Eisenberg, who mapped out scenes but left the dialogue up to the actors.

That might cause some concern, but there’s no need when you’re talking about these actors. Alice is played by none other than Meryl Streep while her two friends are played by Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest. Tagging along with the trio are Lucas Hedges as the nephew and Gemma Chan as the agent. All of them are a pleasure to watch no matter what, but when given loose reigns by a filmmaker of Soderbergh’s level, the film will almost surely be worth checking out.

Let Them All Talk is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen, and Dianne Wiest. It will be released in the US on HBO Max on December 10th, 2020. For international release dates, click here.

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