Dun Dornaigil Broch in Alltnacaillich, Scotland

Dun Dornaigil broch.

Dun Dornaigil, which is sometimes referred to as Dun Dornadilla, are the impressive remains of a drystone roundhouse known as a broch. The structure sits just above the Strathmore River. 

Broches can only be found in Scotland and usually date back more than 2,000 years. Many researchers believe these massive roundhouses were defensive structures. Other opinions suggest they were symbols of prestige and power to showcase the wealth of the local chieftain. These structures were probably served multiple purposes.

The remaining stone walls of this broch tower stand at an impressive seven meters high in some places. The entrance is on the northeast side, but is closed due to a collapsed upper section of the broch. There is a triangular lintel over the entrance. It’s thought this lintel stood as a status symbol. 

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