Nene short film review


Directed by: King Louie Palomo

Written by: King Louie Palomo

Starring: Flora Gasser, Mercedes Cabral, Azmyth Jake Tanabe Hernandez

,,Film Review by: ,,Jason Knight

Poster for Nene showing protagonist.

A mother and her child are visiting grandma.

Nene (Gasser) is an elderly woman who lives by herself and enjoys painting. Her daughter (Cabral) and her grandson (Hernandez) travel a long distance by bus, in order to see her.

This short, moving story explores themes of family values, loneliness, growing old, religion and death.

Gasser is very touching as a kindhearted, widowed grandmother, who has a passion for painting. Her compassion is highlighted in a scene where she finds a little girl in a busy market, who has lost her mum and attempts to comfort her. Cabral and Hernandez are truly convincing as mother and son, both good individuals who care deeply for Nene.

The film’s script follows two stories: Nene going about her business and her daughter and grandson’s journey. The two storylines come together in the end. There is a great deal of focus on Gasser’s character, the kind of person that she is. She is polite and willing to help other people. She has a painting studio in her home, where she is shown using the equipment with great care, indicating that she used to do that for a living. She is also seen praying in front of religious paintings and lit candles, suggesting that she is a rather religious person. Generally Nene is the character the audience gets to know the most about. Even while her relatives are riding the bus, they talk about her.

The music adds great value, being both beautiful and sad, signifying tragedy.

Director Palomo creates outstanding establishing shots and utilizes long takes to great effect.

Nene is an emotional journey. Very well acted and written, it will most likely remain in the viewer’s heart for a long time.



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