Glenn Stark Park in Kingman, Kansas

Glenn Stark Park

On the side of the road in the small town of Kingman, Kansas, two giraffes stand in a park they share with a dinosaur snacking on a human leg, a cowboy riding parallel to train tracks, and a full cast of characters. All these statues are from the collection of Glenn Stark, a sculptor whose yard became a local attraction until his death in 2014, when many of his creations were moved to this park.

The statues range from Jesus to Bigfoot to the Lion of St. Mark. While the park is not very developed, the statues make quite an impression, and share the space with a historic, long-shuttered depot of the rail line that once connected Kansas to Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more of Stark’s style, you can seek out his bison, which stand on a hill east of town above highway 54/400.