Ponte dei Trepponti (Trepponti Bridge) in Comacchio, Italy

Ponte dei Trepponti (Trepponti Bridge)

The city of Comacchio is located on a branch of the Po river. Inhabited since ancient times, this town has always been one of the major cultural centers in the region. Contested by many local powers for centuries, Comacchio was governed by the Papal States in the 16th-century.

During this time, an urban renovation project managed by architect Luca Danese took place in Comacchio. The town was raided multiple times during the previous decades, which forced Comacchio to construct a new city gate that also served as a bridge in the center of Comacchio. 

Commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Maria Pallotta and constructed by Capuchin Giovanni Pietro da Lugano, the bridge was completed in 1638 and called “Trepponti” (“Three Bridges”). The structure actually consists of five different brick bridges, three on the front and two near the rear. They are all connected to a central Istrian stone floor.

The large round arch is a gate for boats entering the city, and after Trepponti, the canal separates into four smaller canals that lead to different parts of Comacchio. The two guard towers on the sides of the bridge, now a key feature of Trepponti, were added later.

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