The Old Country Store and Museum in Moultonborough, New Hampshire

The Old Country Store Museum

This store is more than a shopping experience as it also showcases the history of country stores.

The Old Country Store and Museum in Moultonboro, New Hampshire is the epitome of a classic country store. Inside is filled with penny candy, locally made jams, maple syrup, and pickles in a giant barrel. However, it’s what’s housed upstairs that is truly a surprise.

The attic is home to a little museum dedicated to these small, rural stores from a bygone era. Displays of saws line the stairs leading to the attic room, where a plethora of items from the past populate shelves and display cases. Visitors to the store will also find samples for ready-made suits, displays of outhouse seats, a section devoted to an old post office, and wooden sculptures collected from country stores across New Hampshire.

The museum is free to peruse. There are rooms upon rooms of both old-timey and modern New England souvenirs.