A couple have a difficult night in Malcolm & Marie, the latest from writer/director Sam Levinson.

The night was supposed to be a celebration. Malcolm’s movie premiered earlier and it seemed inevitable that acclaim would roll in. In the meantime, though, they’re stuck waiting, and in these quiet moments, personal grievances come to the fore. Turns out Marie isn’t as happy as Malcolm thought, and as accusations and revelations stack up, personal stakes become much higher than professional ones.

source: Netflix

The film is a true two-hander with only Zendaya and John David Washington listed as cast members. That’s at least partially because this was made under strict COVID-19 protocol, which I’m sure was easier to follow with a minimal cast and crew. Still, that doesn’t mean any corners were cut here. Zendaya and Washington are top tier actors and everything looks immaculate with that black and white cinematography.

This isn’t even the first test for Levinson and Zendaya under these conditions, having already released the first holiday special of the series Euphoria (which the former writes and directs and the latter stars in). That pared-down the flashy series into, you guessed it, a two-hander, and I happen to consider it one of its best episodes. Hopefully, they’re able to achieve something equally as insightful here.

Malcolm & Marie is directed by Sam Levinson and stars Zendaya and John David Washington. It will be released worldwide on Netflix on February 5th, 2021.

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