Novis Mortem Collective in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Novis Mortem Collective

When visitors enter this shop, they are immediately greeted by the owner and the brilliant mind behind Novis Mortem Collective. Novis Mortem is a curiosity shop filled with natural history.

Inside the shop is a wide selection of pinned insects such as beetles, jeweled flower mantis, bright blue butterflies, Madagascar sunset moths, and more. Within this mix are also beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry like coffin necklaces and earrings. Most of the items inside were crafted by local Colorado artists.

One of the main attractions in this shop is the glass dome art pieces. Every glass dome is special and personal, carefully crafted by the designer and business owner herself. Ranging in sizes from as small as a test tube, to basketball-sized domes, many of these works of art include twinkling lights, vintage light bulbs, and a few contain pieces of coral or dried flowers.

The atmosphere of this shop certainly sparks curiosity. Most of the taxidermied creatures inside were done so in an ethical manner. This shop is truly one of a kind and affords everyone the opportunity to own a unique memento.