Ed Westwick & Louise Linton in Killer Film ‘Me You Madness’ Trailer

Me You Madness Trailer

“There’s no need to escalate this to the point of no return!” STX Films has unveiled an official trailer for a dark comedy called Me You Madness, a kooky neon-filled romcom mashed up with American Psycho. Louise Linton stars in, wrote, directed, and produced the tongue-in-cheek movie. Linton plays Catherine Black, a brilliant, ruthless business executive who runs a top hedge fund in L.A. She lives a wealthy but ice-cold life and is a self-declared murderous psychopath. Enter Tyler Jones, a handsome young petty-thief and con man, arriving at her Malibu estate seeking “a room for rent” while naively unaware that he might be her next meal. Co-starring Ed Westwick as Tyler, along with Joel Michaely, Shuya Chang, and Gwen Van Dam. “Romance blossoms amid glamorous action in this neon-tinged, self-aware erotic thriller riff from writer/director/star Louise Linton, driven by a high-energy 80s soundtrack.” This looks ridiculous…ly fun.

Here’s the official trailer (+ two posters) for Louise Linton’s Me You Madness, direct from YouTube:

Me You Madness Poster

Me You Madness Poster

Me You Madness tells the deliciously wicked tale about a beautiful, ruthlessly ambitious, intelligent, and successful businesswoman, Catherine Black (Louise Linton). She lives a life of luxury in an architectural dream house in Malibu, exclusive designer fashions, fast cars, and exquisite jewelry. She has no need for a man except to satisfy her natural serial killer instinct, literally. When Tyler (Ed Westwick), a petty thief, responds to her online roommate ad, he thinks he’s struck gold. But he has no idea that after a night of partying and passion, he is really just on her menu to be her next victim… until real romance gets in the way. Me You Madness is both written and directed by Scottish actress-turned-filmmaker Louise Linton, making her feature directorial debut with this film. Produced by Kristen Ruhlin and Louise Linton. STX will debut Linton’s Me You Madness direct-to-VOD starting February 12th this winter. Who’s down for this?