Andernach Geyser in Andernach, Germany

Andernach Geyser

This magnificent geyser has become a must-see for visitors to this region of Germany.

The geyser was actually the result of a drilling expedition in 1903 to extract carbon dioxide from mineral water. The geyser is fed from an artisan well and became a well-known tourist attraction in 2006 inside the Geopark Vulkanland Eifel. Every two hours, the Andernach erupts, shooting water into the air some 200 feet (60-80 meters). 

In Andernach, district Namedy near the Rhine, visitors will find the Information Center that features facts about the geyser’s history and physics, as well as details about the region’s geological composition. Visitors can also buy tickets to take a boat trip around the geyser.


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