NOBODY Trailer

A man’s reinvention doesn’t stick in Nobody, the latest from director Ilya Naishuller.

Years ago, Hutch had a job that required a certain set of skills and some pretty dangerous co-workers. Eventually, he decided that he wanted a different life, so he gave it all up and settled down to become a quiet, suburban family man. That comes with its own joys and frustrations, and when his home is broken into, Hutch resists violently protecting his family. That causes them to unknowingly begin questioning some of his greatest skills, which ignites his old ways.

NOBODY Trailer
source: Universal Pictures

This action-packed crime film plays exactly into Naishuller’s strengths, having previously directed the first-person shooter style film, Hardcore Henry. Replicating that very particular video game perspective sort of shot that movie in the foot, so it will be interesting to see how Naishuller does with that stripped away.

Another good reason to do away with that style: getting Bob Odenkirk as your lead. Everybody wants to see the Better Call Saul star kick butt and take names, and this movie promises plenty of it.

While this movie has an official release date of April 2nd, it’s been moving around the schedule for almost a year now. They seem to be positioning this for release as soon as theaters open up in force, and with the vaccine supply stabilizing, that shouldn’t be too long now. It may move yet again, but you can still look forward to this as a rip-roaring welcome back to the big screen.

Nobody is directed by Ilya Naishuller and stars Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielsen, and Christopher Lloyd. It is currently scheduled for a theatrical release on April 2nd, 2021. Keep up to date with its release schedule here.

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