Watch: End of the World Short Film ‘Red Rover’ by Brooke Goldfinch

Red Rover Short Film

“You won’t be able to see it until it’s about to hit.” It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine! How about some apocalyptic cinema to relax you? This short film Red Rover originally premiered in 2015, but is just now being featured online thanks to a feature from Short of the Week. It’s written & directed by Australian filmmaker Brooke Goldfinch, who was inspired by the news of a cult predicting the end of the world, so she started asking her friends “how they would spend their final hours.” It follows two teenagers from a remote religious community who head to town looking for others after their Evangelical parents tell them an asteroid will soon destroy the Earth. Starring Natalie Racoosin and Christopher M. Gray as Lauren and Conrad. This film is especially melancholic, but has a beautifully tragic ending that makes it all worth it. Low key filmmaking that is meant to make you think about what matters, rather than how it ends.

Red Rover Poster

Thanks to Short of the Week for debuting this. Original description from YouTube: “With the end of days upon them, two teenagers leave their remote religious community and travel into town in search of shelter.” Red Rover is both written & directed by Australian filmmaker Brooke Goldfinch, who already made a feature film called The Color of Time in 2012, in addition to numerous other shorts. You can see more of her work on Vimeo or visit her official website. It’s produced by Apolline Berty and Brietta Hague. Featuring cinematography by Benjamin Rutkowski, and original music by Stefan Gregory. This originally premiered in 2015 at the Austin Film Festival. The original idea came when Brooke “started to ask people how they would spend their final hours and I was fascinated by peoples’ responses.” And the rest is history… For more info on this short, visit SOTW or Brooke’s official website. To watch more short films, click here. Your thoughts?