Rusovce Mansion in Bratislava, Slovakia

Rusovce Mansion

Surrounded by crumbling walls and a sprawling English park, the Rusovce Mansion is a decaying example of neoclassical architecture.

There are records of a castle at this location dating back to 1266, but today visitors to the area will only see this once-glorious white mansion constructed between 1840 and 1906. Part of the foundation of the building dates back to the 16th-century. Several royal families once called the mansion home prior to World War II. During the conflict, the mansion was used by Nazi SS officers.

The park around the mansion contains meandering paths dotted with sculptures and monuments, with at least one from the communist era. A decaying wall with entry gates borders the property. There is also a courtyard that has became a local haunt for graffiti artists. 

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