Bridgewater Seal Statue in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

On the corner of the property of the Prophett-Chapman, Cole, & Gleason Funeral Home stands a memorial, but the subject of its dedication may surprise you. The plaque on the statue’s front reads, “This seal is for the children of Bridgewater… Never lose your imagination”

The granite statue of a seal might seem incongruous to the business out front of which it sits, but the funeral home owners said they wanted something that would catch the eye of drivers and spark their imagination. The seal was carved in the 1970s by the sculptor Edward Monti. It reportedly took more than a month of working with a flame lance to turn the large single hunk of granite into the seal that graces this small funeral home today. 

The funeral home wants to sponsor a scholarship program for local Bridgewater schools through a short fiction story, based on the non-sequitur funeral home seal.

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