Watch: Animated Short Film ‘Derecho’ About Bigfoot & Park Rangers

Derecho Short Film

“It’s like they were trying to blend in.” Check out this short film from animation filmmaker Joe Bennett, a strange animated trip into the world of Park Rangers. With an appearance by Bigfoot, too! Just wait until you see him. Derecho is a 10 minute short film, featured by Vimeo. It was originally presented by Cake on FX. As a slow building terror builds at a lonely park ranger outpost, two rangers are forced to test the limits of their humanity. Featuring the voices of Kate Berlant, John Early, Ted Travelstead, and Felipe di Poi Tamargo. The animation style is quite unique and it gets even better when the dashes of red show up. This is a must-watch-until-the-very-end short film, it all makes more sense once you get through it. Beware.

Thanks to Vimeo Staff Picks for the tip on this release. Brief description from Vimeo: “As a slow building terror envelopes a lonely park ranger outpost, three rangers are forced to test the limits of their humanity.” Derecho is both written and directed by filmmaker Joe Bennett – an artist and director living in Pasadena, CA. See more of his work on Vimeo or visit his official website. Commissioned short for FX productions; presented by Cake on FX. Featuring animation Vincent Tsui, Felipe Di Poi, and Joe Bennett; backgrounds by Terry White; and music by Nic Snyder. This originally premiered back in 2019 at a few film festivals. For more info on this short, visit Vimeo or Bennett’s official site. To see more short films, click here. Thoughts?