Palladium Shopping Mall in Prague, Czechia

Ground floor archaeological remains and notice board.

One of the largest shopping malls in Czechia was constructed on the site of the former Josef Barracks. The site was owned by the military until it was sold in the early 1990s and developed into the Palladium shopping complex, which opened in 2007.

The ornate façade of the original building was preserved and some parts were incorporated into the mall’s design.

During the construction process, archaeological excavations were conducted and several medieval ruins were discovered. Most of what was found was photographed and removed, however, some areas were left inside the mall and are open for mall-goers to view.

So if you happen to be perusing through this shopping center, keep a lookout for some areas of the walkway that are covered in transparent flooring, leaving visible beneath parts of the archaeological excavations. In other areas of the shopping center, original medieval walls can be seen and a few contain information boards detailing the history of the ruins.